The Museum collection of personal documents include: ID card, passport, military ID card and documents obtained during his studies in Germany, along with numerous other personal documents.
  • The Student Grade Histories

    The student grade history of Zoran Djindic from University in Konstanz where he finished PhD studies in the field of Philosophy in 1979 and the student grade history from University in Frankfurt 1981-1984

  • Personal ID card

    The last personal ID card of Zoran Djindjic

  • Business cards

    The business card which Zoran Djindjic used as the President of Democratic Party, the Major of Belgrade and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia

  • Membership card of Democratic Party

    Membership card of Democratic Party from 1991

  • Passports

    The diplomatic passport of Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic and his last passport

  • Military ID card

    The military ID card of Zoran Djindjic during his military service in Mostar and Capljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1979/1980 and permission for regular leaving the barrack during his military service